Amendment to Local Rule 24 and Request for Comments



Proposed Amendment to Local Rule 24

The Domestic Relations Division of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas is requesting comments regarding proposed Local Rule 24 (Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Orders).  The proposed rule is expanded to apply to mutual restraining orders and ex parte temporary restraining orders.  The rule provides more clarity as to the procedure and requirements for obtaining and dissolving restraining orders, particularly third parties, and makes clear that spouses restrained from returning to the marital residence are restrained from residing in the marital residence.  Under the proposed rule, the Law Department will reject temporary restraining orders not in compliance with restraining order guidelines and will no longer correct judgment entries by interlineation.

To view the amendment, please click here.  The new language appears in RED.

The Court will accept comments regarding the rule amendment through October 12, 2018.  Please direct any comments to:

Serpil Ergun
Executive Director of Judicial Operations
Cuyahoga County Courthouse
1 W. Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113