Amendment to Local Rule 25 and Request for Comments



Proposed Amendment to Local Rule 25

The Domestic Relations Division of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas is requesting comments regarding proposed Local Rule 25 (Service by Publication or Posting).  The proposed rule is modified to reflect  the current locations of Automobile Title Offices utilized by the Clerk of Courts for service by posting.  The rule also provides more clarity as to the procedure and requirements for service by posting or publication as required by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure.

To view the amendment, please click here.  The new language appears in RED.

The Court will accept comments regarding the rule amendment through January 21, 2019.  Please direct any comments to:

Serpil Ergun
Executive Director of Judicial Operations
Cuyahoga County Courthouse
1 W. Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113