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Honorable Rosemary Grdina Gold, Judge

Lucy DeLeon, Bailiff, 216-443-8812
Victoria Baskovic, Scheduler, 216-443-8859
Third Floor, Courtroom 1A

Ann Weatherhead, Trial Magistrate
Jason Parker, Motion Magistrate

Judge Rosemary Grdina Gold has served on the Court since April 2010. She is currently in her second (first full) term which will end in January 2021. She served as Administrative Judge from January 1, 2016 through December 31., 2017.

Prior to joining the Court, Judge Grdina Gold practiced family law for over 27 years. She brings this experience to the bench in the handling of her docket. Judge Gold believes that every court appearance attended by parties and/or their attorneys should have a measurable outcome. She strongly encourages litigants to participate in and take ownership of their case. Soon after a case is filed, the Judge conducts a Pretrial Conference at which she meets with the attorneys and the parties to identify the issues in the case and determine how much time will be needed to get the case ready for settlement or trial. Concerns regarding the parenting of minor children are addressed at the first Pretrial.

The Judge conducts additional pretrials as needed to ensure that parties and counsel are addressing any unresolved issues. In order to reduce the need for postponements, all court dates in a case are assigned upon the agreement of the attorneys and parties. Judge Gold encourages parties through attorneys to engage in discussions for the purpose of negotiating an amicable settlement, and she conducts attorney conferences or hearings on pretrial motions to help dispose of issues which may impede settlement.

Judge Gold is a member of the Ohio Judicial Conference’s Domestic Relations Law & Procedure Committee; she formerly served on the Public Confidence and Community Outreach and Court Administration Committees. She also served for five years on the Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Court Security. In 2014, Judge Gold was appointed to the Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Task Force, and has spoken about the findings and recommendations issued by the Task Force. She is a strong advocate of access to justice and encourages volunteer lawyers to assist self-represented litigants pro bono. During her tenure as Administrative Judge, Judge Gold created the Court's Help Center.

Judge Gold graduated from Notre Dame College (magna cum laude) in 1979 and from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law (cum laude) in 1982.