New AFFIDAVIT to accompany JE pre-approvals



The law requires the court to determine whether a non-relocating parent with parenting time is entitled to receive a copy of a Notice of Intent to Relocate whenever it issues a parenting order.  Under R.C.  3109.051(G)(2) a court must determine if the non-relocating parent:

1) has been convicted or pled guilty to criminal domestic violence;

2) has been convicted or pled guilty any offense involving a victim who is family or household member and caused harm, (i.e., criminal offenses); or

3) has been determined to be the perpetrator of abuse that is the basis of an adjudication that a child is an abused child (i.e., from any court determining a child to be an abused child e.g., juvenile court or civil DV).  

Therefore, the Court has adopted a new affidavit that will be given to each parent in every case involving children.   

The affidavit can be found at the bottom of the Judgement Entries menu and is called AFFIDAVIT – Legal Actions Affecting Notice to Relocate on Judgment Entries.