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Court Information and guidance in response to COVID-19

Pursuant to the Stay at Home Order issued March 23, 2020, by Director of the Ohio Department of Health, parents are permitted to transport their children for court-ordered parenting time. 

Safe & Sound Visitation Center has requested that any person ordered supervised visitation to call 216.229.2420 ext. 257 and leave a message with their name and number stating they need to schedule an intake.  The Center is planning to start conducting intakes again the second week of June and will start with the families that have called and left messages during the closure.

To read the Director's full order along with the Order of the Domestic Relations Court, click the links below.

11.05.2020 Order Regarding Continuity of Judicial Operations

5.28.2020 Order Regarding Continuity of Judicial Operations

5.04.2020 Order Regarding Continuity of Judicial Operations Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

4.30.2020 Director's Stay Safe Ohio Order

4.30.2020 Order Regarding Guardian Ad Litem Investigations

4.29.2020 Order Regarding Unsworn Statement in Place of Affidavit

4.24.2020 Order Regarding USPS Mail Delivery and Service

4.23.2020 Amended Tolling of Time Requirements Ordered by the Supreme Court of Ohio

4.09.2020 Order Regarding Continuity of Judicial Operations

4.08.2020 Tolling of Time Requirements Imposed by Rules of Court

4.02.2020 Director's Amended Stay at Home Order

4.01.2020 COVID-19 and Parenting Time Orders

 3.27.2020 SCO Administrative Actions Re Tolling of Time Requirements

3.23.2020 Director's Stay at Home Order

3.16.2020 Temporary Order in Response to COVID-19

3.17.2020 Notice to Cuyahoga County Sheriff

Updated 3/20/2020

Building Access/ Health Screenings

For the health and safety of all, effective immediately, all persons seeking to enter the Domestic Relations Court (Cuyahoga County Courthouse) will be subject to screening conducted by MetroHealth related to COVID-19.  Everyone will be asked questions about any symptoms and have their temperature taken.  This is a preliminary screening process, not a test.  Anyone with a fever of 100.4 degrees (F) or above or with symptoms will be denied access to the building.  Person approved for access will be given a wrist band that will allow access to the building for that day only.  Screening will take place at the Huntington Park Garage entrance to the Courthouse;  the Lakeside entrance to the Cuyahoga County Courthouse is closed.  


To view the Cuyahoga County scanning protocols click here


Court Operations

The Court remains open but only persons with scheduled on-site court hearings and persons seeking Civil Protection Order with a pre-arranged appointment with the Domestic Violence Help Center may be present at the Domestic Relations Court. Consistent with the Governor's order, advice of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), local governments and experts, essential functions of the courts will continue with a limited staff. 


Most court hearings and other appointments involving mediation and family evaluation services are being held by telephone or videoconference or have been postponed to minimize social interaction.  


In-person Parenting Education classes conducted by Beech Brook have been cancelled until further notice. Parents should complete online parenting education at this time through Children In Between (CIB Online).


Attorney's seeking preapproval of a decree or judgment entry may email them to For questions call 216.443.3178.

Patrons are urged to submit all NEW filings by e-filing.

Minor children of any age are not permitted in the building under any circumstances.


Domestic Violence Help Center

For everyone's health & safety the Domestic Violence help center are seeing persons by appointment ONLY.  For more information on filing a Civil Protection Order contact the Domestic Violence Help Center at 216.443.7940.


Domestic Relations Court Help Center

Click here to download .pdf statement

For everyone's health & safety the Domestic Relations Court Help Center is ONLY providing telephone support at this time.

 The Help Center is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm to calls only 216.443.8880

 Court forms are also available on the Court's website by clicking here.

Filing Remotely   |   Track your Case Online   | Efiling Application


COVID-19 Health Precautions

The County Board of Health recommends the following precautions be practiced by everyone in our community to minimize the spread of respiratory illness:

- If you have the flu, talk to your doctor about antiviral medications that can reduce flu severity;
- Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially:

after using the restroom;
before eating;
after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing;

- Cover your mouth and nose with a sleeve or tissue when sneezing or coughing, or sneeze into your elbow;

- Have hand sanitizer available with at least 60% alcohol and use frequently;

- Keep surfaces cleaned with an alcohol—based cleaning product;

- Stay home if you are ill;

- Stay alert for changing conditions announced by the Courts.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend that people wear a face-mask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID—19. Facemasks should only be worn by people who show symptoms of COVID— 19 to help prevent the spread of the disease to others. It is important to preserve masks for hospital care and EMS transport personnel. More information can be found at

According to health experts, most COVID—19 patients may experience flu-like symptoms, including a fever that can be treated at home with ibuprofen, drinking plenty of fluids, and rest. If symptoms arise, consider using any available telemedicine options with your medical provider to prevent the spread of illness to others. However, the County Board of Health recommends you visit a doctor, urgent care, or emergency department if you are sick—do not take chances.