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Court & Virtual Court Etiquette

Proper Dress: Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing, such as, t-shirts; muscle shirts; tank tops and halter tops with swear words; depictions of violence or sexual acts; promotions of drug or alcohol use; shorts; cut-off jeans; baggy pants that fall below the hips; micro-mini skirts; pants with holes; and hats. (Except those worn for religious purposes)

Timeliness: Be on time. If you are late, your case may be dismissed, and/or the other side may be allowed to present his/her case without you. If you are running late, please call the scheduler for the Judge or Magistrate before whom the hearing is scheduled.

In the Courtroom: Act professionally and courteously toward the Judge, Magistrate, other parties, and attorneys. If you are representing yourself, you are expected to be prepared and to present your case according to the rules of court.

If you are observing court proceedings or waiting for your case to be called, be respectful of the court; enter and exit the room quickly and quietly; eating and drinking are not permitted in the courtroom/hearing room. If you have any questions, please wait for the court to recess to talk to the bailiff or scheduler.

It is important to keep in mind the same formal etiquette and protocol for attending a hearing in the Domestic Relations Court is expected when “virtually” appearing for a hearing.

All individuals participating in virtual court proceedings should continue to observe the following well-established rules of court decorum:

  1.  Arrive on time.  To minimize distractions during the court proceeding, log in a few minutes before the scheduled start time.
  2.  You must wear courtroom appropriate attire. 
  3.  Be courteous and respectful to all virtual court participants.
  4.  Eliminate distractions while participating in virtual court. Put your cell phone and other technology in silent mode during the virtual court proceeding.
  5.  Do not drive a car during the virtual court proceeding.
  6.  Remain seated during the entire proceeding.  No laying down, moving about, or doing other things while attending court.
  7.  Make sure your face is visible in the camera with appropriate lighting.
  8.  Do not smoke or vape while attending virtual court.
  9.  Do not eat or drink while attending virtual court.
  10.  Do not speak out of turn or interfere in testimony. Just like an in-person court setting, the presiding judge will indicate when it’s your turn to be heard.
  11.  Stay on Zoom until court is dismissed by the Judge.

Please remember that recording of court proceedings is strictly prohibited.