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Family Evaluation

A staff of licensed mental health professionals conduct parenting evaluations for families ordered by the Court. Psychological testing and alcohol/drug assessments may be included in the evaluation process. Upon completion of the evaluation process a written report is prepared that provides the Court with recommendations to consider when making an allocation of parental rights and responsibilities.

An evaluation will include a joint interview and individual interviews with the parents of the children. It will also include an interactional interview with each parent and the minor children. The evaluation may also include individual or joint interviews with the minor children. The evaluator may also interview step parents, significant others, other relatives involved with the minor children, and other siblings of the minor children. All interviews take place in the Courthouse. The parents will be required to sign releases in order to obtain medical records of the parents and the children, and school records for the children. The records obtained are to be used for the evaluation.

An allocation of parental rights and responsibilities evaluation is for the purpose of making recommendations as to responsibility for parental decision making and parenting time (custody/visitation).

A companionship time evaluation makes a recommendation as to whether a relative or someone with a close relationship with the minor children should be awarded court ordered time with them.

A brief focused evaluation is used to investigate a narrow issue regarding children when a full investigation is not required.

The fee is $800.00 for an allocation of parental rights and responsibilities/parenting time evaluation; $700.00 for a companionship evaluation; $600.00 for a brief focused evaluation; and $175.00 for an alcohol and drug assessment. Fees are taxed as court costs.