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Filing Fees

Court costs are fees charged by law by the Clerk of Courts to cover the service of summons, subpoenas, notices, orders, court reporter fees, computer research, docketing and journal posting, maintaining legal documents and other administrative costs. Court costs are assessed against one or both parties when a case is completed. When a case is first filed an advance deposit toward these costs is required.

The Court may permit a party to defer payment of the advance deposit if the party qualifies as indigent. An Affidavit of Indigence for Deferral of Court Costs is available on this website and the Clerk of Courts' website.

Filing Fees 
Divorce - Children $300.00
Counterclaim for Divorce - Children $250.00
Divorce - No Children $200.00
Counterclaim for Divorce - No Children $200.00
Dissolution - Children $200.00
Dissolution - No Children $150.00
Motion to Convert to Dissolution to Divorce $50.00
Legal Separation $200.00
Annulment $150.00
Foreign Decree $200.00
Motion to Modify Parenting Order or Shared Parenting Plan $200.00
Post Decree Motions: Motion to Modify, Motion for Relief from Judgment,
Motion for Attorney Fees, Motion for Termination
Service by Publication $200.00