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Parties who have limited English proficiency, are deaf or hard of hearing, or have language impairments have a right to have a qualified interpreter for court functions, free of charge. The Court will appoint a qualified interpreter upon request of a party or the Court’s own determination. The interpreter will assist the party to understand the court proceedings and to communicate during the court process. The parties should notify the court of the need for an interpreter as soon as possible.

The interpreter’s fee will be paid by the Court.

A Language Identification Card
 is available to help the Court identify the language spoken by the party so that the appropriate qualified language interpreter can be appointed.

Click here for a Court Interpreter Request Form.

Please complete the form and return it to the Court Interpreter Coordinator via email at, or in-person, Room 1, ground floor, at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse. 

 If you have not received a response to your request within three (3) business days, please call the Court Interpreter Coordinator at (216) 443-6660.