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The Court coordinates assessment and referrals for court mediation services. Certified mediators, located at Domestic Relations Court, help parties resolve parenting issues without litigation through a confidential process. Issues mediated concern allocation of parental rights and responsibilities and children's living arrangements and schedules. Financial matters will not be addressed. Click here to view Local Rule 32. 

The fee for mediation is $250.00 and is charged as a court cost. The Court will generally order each party to pay 50% of the fee. An additional fee of $50.00 will be assessed against a party who fails to appear at a mediation session without having been formally excused from the mediation session.

The Court provides two ways for parties to mediate their parenting issues.

  • Mediation is available after a case or post decree motion is filed. The Court may refer parties to mediation at the initial hearing, or anytime thereafter at the discretion of the Court. Both parties must complete the required screening.

  • Mediation is also available, without first filing a motion, to parties previously divorced in this Court who:
    • Want to make a change to a parenting order or shared parenting plan
    • Disagree on the language of a shared parenting plan but the plan requires mediation prior to filing a motion with the Court
    • Need to modify the residential parent for school purposes
    • Have a problem with one parent not complying with a parenting time order or shared parenting plan.

  • To be eligible for this service,
    • At least one of the parties must currently reside in Cuyahoga Count
    • Both parties must agree to address their issue through mediation, and
    • Both parties must complete the required screening.

Click here for a Request for Mediation form. Complete the form and follow the instructions for submitting it online. Requests will be confirmed by the Court’s Mediation Services. If you have not received a response within three (3) business days, please call the Mediation Services at (216) 443-8805.