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Ordering a Transcript

When requested, the official court reporter will prepare written transcripts of the court proceedings. Transcript fees are as follows:
  • $4.50 per page for transcripts ordered by a party or an attorney;
  • $5.50 per page for expedited transcripts;
  • $6.50 per page for overnight transcripts.

When ordering a transcript for objections, a praecipe must be filed pursuant to Rule 27.

When ordering a transcript for an appeal, a  
9A or 9B praecipe must be filed.

To order transcripts or request information, please contact the Domestic Relations Court Reporters:

  • Terri Moroney 216-443-8852
  • Elizabeth Heraghty 216-443-8854
  • Colleen Kilbane 216-443-8834
  • Lois Zakelj 216-443-8873