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Spousal Support

Ohio law requires that a married person support his or her spouse. The Court may order spousal support in a divorce, dissolution, legal separation, or annulment case. Spousal support is an allowance for nourishment or sustenance which the Court may compel one spouse to pay the other when they are living apart or their marriage has ended.

There is a no precise formula for determining the amount that will be awarded for spousal support. The Court must use its judicial discretion and take into consideration the ability to pay of the party and the present needs of the receiving party. The Court is required to take into consideration the standard of living of the parties immediately before separation or the beginning of marital discord.

Temporary spousal support may be awarded when the case is pending. A temporary spousal support award may cover expenses for housing, food, medical expenses, and transportation. A temporary spousal support award automatically terminates after a divorce, annulment, legal separation, or dissolution has been entered.