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Domestic Violence

The forms required for Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders are provided to our Court by the Supreme Court of Ohio. It is required by law that certain documents be filed when petitioning the Court for a Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order. If you are representing yourself during the filing process you will be held to the same standards as an attorney. It will be expected that you follow all Civil, Local, and Court rules and procedures. Court Staff and Advocates cannot provide you with legal advice so it is important that you read all forms and instructions carefully. All forms must be completed fully and accurately. Once a document is filed with the Clerk of Court’s Office the document cannot be changed. If you cannot obtain legal counsel prior to filing you can prepare the intake form and a statement to the court describing the acts of domestic violence that the Respondent has engaged in. You may attach additional pages to your statement if needed. You will then bring the intake form and statement to the Domestic Violence Department in room 48 and they will be utilized when you prepare your documents. 

If you are an attorney
filing on behalf of a client please bring only the original documents for review, court staff can provide you with necessary copies. In the “Additional Forms and Instructions” section you can find a checklist to ensure you have completed all of the documents.

The following forms are required to be filed by every litigant or attorney when trying to obtain a Domestic Violence Civil Protection Ex Parte Order:
  1. 10.01 – D Petition for Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order
  2. 10.01 – F Information for Parenting Proceeding Affidavit (ONLY REQUIRED WHEN THE PARTIES HAVE (A) MINOR CHILD(REN) IN COMMON)
  3. 10.01 – G Warning Concerning the Attached Domestic Violence Protection Order
  4. 10.01 – H Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order (CPO) Ex Parte
  5. 10 – A Protection Order Notice to NCIC
  6. Affidavit of Military Service

Note: If you are filing without an attorney, you will only need to prepare the intake form and statement for the Court. You will then prepare the required forms when you arrive at our office. Please call our department with any questions or concerns about the process at:  216-443-7940

Domestic Violence Forms