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In all divorce, dissolution and legal separation actions where there are minor children the Court will allocate parental rights and responsibilities (formerly “custody”) for the care of the children, provided no other court has determined or is in the process of determining an allocation of parental rights of the same children.

This page contains links to information, forms and frequently asked questions about the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities.

Allocation of Parental Rights  

Parenting Time 


Interviewing Children 

Click here to view the allocation of parental rights   Click here for general information about parenting time    Click here for general about companionship/
Click here for general information about interviewing children  

Modification of Parenting Orders 

Enforcement of Parenting Orders 



Click here for information on modification of parenting orders  Click here for information about enforcement of parenting orders   Click here to view forms/resources related to parenting   Click here to view frequently asked questions about parenting