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Parenting Time

Parenting time is the time that the children spend with their parents.

When making a determination of parental rights the Court will also order parenting time to the parent determined to be the nonresidential parent. If shared parenting is awarded, a parenting time schedule will be included in the shared parenting plan. Ohio Revised Code 3109.051 governs the award of parenting time along with the Court’s Local Rule 17 and 18.

Parenting time should include a schedule of time for holidays, days of special meaning, and vacation time for the parents to spend with the children, in addition to a regular schedule of parenting time.

The Court has a Parenting Time Schedule that parents may agree to follow or parents may agree to a schedule of parenting time that better reflects their lives and the lives of their children. Sample Parenting Access Plans and Ohio’s Guide for Parents Living Apart are resources available on this website to assist parents in developing a schedule of parenting time that is in the best interests of their children.