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Rule 11: Pretrial and Case Management Conferences

(A) When held. A pretrial/case management conference will be held as soon as possible after an answer has been filed. At the discretion of the assigned judge, the case may be accelerated and scheduled for trial without a pretrial or case management conference.

(B) Purpose. The purpose of the initial case management conference shall be to achieve an amicable settlement of the controversy and, in the event settlement is not possible, to expedite trial of the action. At the time of the pretrial/case management conferences, the attorneys shall be prepared to:

     (1) narrow the legal issues in controversy;

     (2) admit to facts not in dispute;

     (3) stipulate to the genuineness of documents and other exhibits to be introduced at trial;

     (4) advise the Court on the need and time required for additional discovery and establish a binding discovery schedule;

     (5) exchange medical reports, psychological reports, and hospital records;

     (6) exchange reports of expert witnesses expected to be called at trial;

     (7) address issues of asset valuation

     (8) discuss referral to Family Conciliation Service [nka FES], the Investigation Department, and/or any available alternative dispute resolution program.

     (9) discuss allocation of parental rights and responsibilities for the care of the child(ren);

     (10) discuss content of proposed shared parenting plans; and

     (11) determine if additional pretrial conferences are necessary

(C) Attendance; Failure to Appear.

     (1) All attorneys of record and all parties, if within the jurisdiction of the Court, shall be present at any pretrial/case management conference. In the event that a party is not within the jurisdiction or has been excused by the assigned judge for good cause shown, that party shall provide his/her attorney with a telephone number at which such party may be reached during pretrial/case management conference. Counsel attending a pretrial/ case management conference must have complete authority to stipulate on items of evidence and admissions.

     (2) Failure of an attorney to be prepared for pretrial/case management conference, and failure of a party or attorney to appear, or to cooperate in good faith in the conduct of the pretrial/case management conference, may subject said attorney or party to any sanctions provided by Ohio Rule of Civil Procedure 37(D), including an award of expenses and/or attorney fees to any party prejudiced by such conduct.

(Effective July 1, 1991.)

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