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Court Rules

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Title I: General Provisions

01 Pleadings and Motions

02 Assignment of Judge and Consolidation of Cases

02.1 Administrative Judge and Unavailability if Assigned Judge

02.2 Scheduling of Case

03 Advancing and Passing of Cases 

04 Nonappearance of a Party on Trial or Hearing Date: Failure to be Prepared for Trial

05 Concurrent Jurisdiction with Other Courts

06 Communications with Judges and Magistrates

07 Attorney of Record

08 Child Support Schedule; Enforcement; Medical and Dental Expenses

09 Court Reporters

10 Property Division Guidelines [Vacated]

Title II: Pre-trial and Case Management Procedures: Discovery

11 Pre-trial and Case Management Conferences

12 Pre-trial Statements; Exchange of Witness Lists

13 Discovery Procedures

13.1 Depositions  

14 Mandatory Disclosure

14.1 Trial and Hearing Procedures [Vacated]

Title III: Motion Practice

15 Submission of and Response to Motions

16 Assignment of Motion for Hearing

17 Parenting and Visitation Proceedings

18 Shared Parenting; Parenting Time Guidelines

19 Post-Decree Child Support and Spousal Support Modifications

20 Enforcement of Child Support or Spousal Support Order

21 Attorney Fees

22 Motion to Vacate Premises

23 Temporary Support

Title IV: Ex Parte Orders

24 Temporary Restraining Orders

25 Service by Publication or Posting 

26 Domestic Violence

Title V: Magistrate's Decision; Judgment Entries

27 Objections to Magistrate's Decisions and Orders

28 Judgment Entries      

Title VI: Special Proceedings

29 Issuance of a Citation or Capias

30 Registration of Foreign Parenting Decree (UCCJEA)

31 Registration of a Foreign Decree of Support for Enforcement

31.1 Registration of a Foreign Decree of Support for Modification [Replaced by Rule 31]

32 Mediation

33 Special Process Server

34 Divorce Seminar

35 Guardian ad Litem

36 Court Security

37 Order of Reference

38 Parenting Coordination

39 Custody Evaluation

40 Attorney for Child