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Rule 13: Discovery Procedures

(A) In general. Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure 26 through 37 shall apply to any action in Domestic Relations Court, including post-decree motions filed pursuant to Ohio Rule of Civil Procedure 75(I).

(B) Filings Pertaining to Discovery. All papers, after the Complaint, required to be served upon a party shall be filed with the Court within 3 days after service, but depositions upon oral examination, interrogatories, requests for documents, requests for admission, and answers and responses thereto shall not be filed unless on order of the Court or for use as evidence or for consideration of a motion in the proceeding. Papers filed with the Court shall not be considered until proof of service is endorsed thereon or separately filed. The proof of service shall state the date and manner of service and shall be signed in accordance with Ohio Rule of Civil Procedure 11.

(C) Motions for Protective Order. A motion for protective order shall be filed no later than 14 days prior to the date on which response to a discovery request is due or the date of a scheduled deposition, unless it can be shown that it was not possible to file such a motion within such time period. The motion shall state, with specificity, the basis for the protective order and shall state clearly on its face the date on which a response to the discovery request is due or the date of a scheduled deposition. Sanctions may be imposed for sham or frivolous motions.

(Effective July 1, 1991.)

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